Awe. Like I am part of something insanely large. Touching infinity.

We travel in space. We are in space, and we and everything in it are moving.

To see this, you need to get out of the city and into the dark country. Lay back on the ground and face the sky.

It takes about 30 minutes for your eyes to adapt.

And then feel the movement.

This is what happens after a few days at Algolia. You take a step back and see something rare, extraordinary – an insanely large and infinite potential.

The stars are within reach. They are in the open space, and in the super quiet, with genuine conversation in the hallways, kitchen, and on the couches. We are all traveling together.

I write and rewrite technical content – I help get the message out about how to use Algolia software.

I chart the stars, imagining the constellations of the Algolia universe. Exploring space – gathering all of the information we have – technical documents, white papers, support tickets, and other written morceaux – even blogs and videos and recordings of conferences and webinars – and putting all of this within reach of our customers – on a single platform –

in a way that makes sense –

but retains the wonder, the infinite potential.

I’d like to say that I know the names of every star and constellation. But in fact, I don’t any of them. I often close my iPhone App, the one that gives me all the names of the stars, and instead I just look up and let my imagination inform me. What we do at Algolia is provide a Search engine, which is not very from from space exploration. I am not yet sure how Search applies to what I am attempting to do with our technical documentation – but to give our developer-customers the feeling of being connected, by adding an Algolia Search experience within its own documentation universe, will play a significant role.