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My Career

What I Do

Use my engineering background and strong analytical skills to understand complex subjects, and to communicate that understanding clearly and creatively via technical documentation.

Engage and adapt to readers of different points of view.

Learn and remain curious, and to always challenge my writing skills.

Overlapping Career Paths

Technical Writer (10 years)

Web Developer (5 years)

Lawyer (1 year)

Software Developer (10 years)

Typical Work Projects

Write functional and technical specifications, working directly with users, business analysts, sponsors, system architects, and developers.

Write release notes and user manuals, document code and APIs, and train personnel on software.

Design and develop software applications, both client and server side, that manage data, provide real-time services, and offer web services.

Related Activities

Editor, The Court’s Docket (2003-2004), The St John’s Law Journal (1997-1999).

Co-host and Blogger, The Paris Political Pub (2004-2008, 2014-2016), The Rabbit Hole Radio Show (2014-201).

Professionally-trained emergency counselor, helping individuals in situations such as suicide, depression, substance abuse, emergency housing, and abuse (1991-1997).